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Finding Scholarships For College Students

Friday, October 19, 2012

There are a couple places you can find financing for school, and scholarships for college students is certainly one of them. These resources alone can provide you with enough money to pay for most, if not all, of your college tuition. There are even scholarships for college students that will allow you to use the money to buy books, pay for student housing, and pay for other educational expenses.

One of the best resources that should not be overlooked when searching for scholarships fro college students are the government grant programs. Every year the government provides billions of dollars to help students go to and complete their college education.

By providing free grant money to college students, the government helps people who ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford college or would graduate with thousands of dollars in debt.

The government sees this as a good long-term investment. The more Americans that receive a higher education or advanced degree, the more productive and competitive a nation we become. That means higher salaries, more jobs, and more income tax for the government. They are more than happy to give you $10,000 today knowing that you will be paying more than that in income tax for the next 30+ years as a result of your college degree.

You'll be able to find some of these scholarships for college students and grant programs by talking to your financial aid counselor at your school, but they are not going to be aware of even a fraction of the programs out there. Bear in mind that they are also more interested in helping you obtain a student loan or other financing option that allows them to make a commission. It is a good idea to work with your financial aid office, but a savvy student will use their own resources as well.

Online Jobs for College Students

These days, online jobs are really very popular among the college students. The internet has opened up a world of opportunities where students can earn handsomely by working just a few hours everyday. This way they can pay for their college fees themselves even if they don't qualify for college scholarships or a student loan consolidation. Online jobs for college students are better option than student credit cards or online banking accounts. This is perhaps the best way to pay down your student debt without knowing how to write a grant. More importantly, for these online jobs, you won't have to leave your home and you will be able to devote time on your studies as well.

If you are looking for a source of income to pay for your college fees, then you need to explore the internet world for finding various money making options. Today, online world offers an extensive range of earning opportunities to the motivated students. There are always fair chances that a student can take advantage of these opportunities to make earnings. Here a list of online jobs for college students that they can accomplish from the comforts of their own rooms.

1. Freelance Writing Jobs - Online world is always hungry for good quality content. If you are good at writing and love researching on different subject areas, freelance writing can be a good way to make money online. There are many content development websites that offer online jobs for college students. Just make a Google search with the keywords "freelance content writing" and a number of opportunities will be displayed on your screen. You can grab those which you will find suitable to your interests.

2. Graphic Designing - If you think you are a creative person who loves to play with designs and colors, online graphic designing jobs are just for you. There are many websites that offer jobs like logo designing, brochure designing etc. You must be skillful in using different graphic designing software such as Adobe In-design, Photoshop, Corel Draw etc to accomplish the graphic designing jobs perfectly. Moreover, you need to have conceptualization power to think over unique designs and concepts. Graphic designing jobs are very good online jobs for college students who want to earn handsomely in just few hours.

3. Online Tutoring - With internet, everything has taken a virtual route and even young kids love to earn tuitions online. This can be a good opportunity for a college student. For just a couple of hours per day, students can earn some money to take care of their college expenses.

Study Tips For College Students - Get Equipped

People who live in third world countries would be lucky enough to be able to get an education. For them, to study is a privilege. So if you had the chance to study in a prominent school, chances are you also have the opportunity to get a decent job. Therefore you should not waste your time gallivanting but rather study well.

As they said, college life is different. You need to outdo what you did in high school. You need to build a good study plan so as to get a passing grade. You do not want to wind up as a garbage collector, don't you? So the best way to pass your subjects with flying colors is to follow some study tips for college students.

Let us first analyze why some students fail in school. One of the reasons is their disregard of time. Yes, time management is of importance. This is one of the best study tips for college students. Other activities such as partying, watching movies or a ball game or participating in to many extra-curricular activities steal their attention. They get to be sidetracked and thus forget about their lessons.

Focusing on your studies does not mean you have to give up socializing. It is in the manner of prioritizing things. You wanted to finish college, get a degree and finally land a good job. Then, list down your priorities and this will serve as your guide as well as your motivating factor.

The problem with some students is they do not know how to set their priorities. Do they want to finish their course or wanted to be an icon in school? They cannot seem to choose whether they wanted to be in the varsity team, in the chorale or how to balance both studies and co-curricular activities. If a student is not good in academics but would not want to flunk college, he must then give more concentration and employ study tips for college students.

Let us face it, getting involved in extra-curricular activities gives you less time to study your lessons. There will be times when lectures will be missed because you need to attend to your practices. It is not a big deal for those who can afford to pay for a tutor; but what if not?

If you want to be tutored, you can actually make use of internet and search for tutors on line. There is also an innovative software that helps students to improve their learning capacity.

They make use of flush cards which also imitates your notebook as you can write down your notes there. A set of flash card functions as a review system depending on the information that was inputted. With this kind of tool, a student will be aided well and have more time for other activities. In fact, this ranks the top among the so many study tips for college students.

It is also worth mentioning that the chance of you being able to study in college may be your challenge to your own self. You are already a young adult by then and just a few more years will be a full adult. Next to that comes more responsibilities. Are you ready to take responsibilities while still young to make you a better person in the future? If you will not pay much attention to your studies, how then can you make your life better without being a dependent soul?

Ways For College Students To Make Money - Job Possibilities

Hello fellow college student,

There's one thing in math that they DON'T teach you, yet most of us already know it. (College tuition + lab fees + room and board + food costs + costs of everyday living) > your budget. That equals debt. None of us like to think about it, but if we go too far into debt, it's going to hurt us when we are searching for homes or other expensive items after we graduate. So here are some of the best jobs that offer ways for college students to earn money.

If you live on campus, being a resident assistant is a great idea. A resident assistant keeps things in order in their resident building. They check the cleanliness of rooms, talk to students, work hours at the front desk, have social events, give out rules to residents, post announcements, and many other odd-and-end things. An RA usually gets FREE HOUSING as well as other benefits. This can cut out a major college bill.

If your college offers CoOperative Education, I HIGHLY recommend it! The CoOp program allows you to work full-time at a job on alternating school semesters. This job is in a field related to your major. So not only are you getting work experience in your field, but you also get to see if you like what you are majoring in. These jobs generally pay a nice hourly wage. CoOp is the thing that is keeping me out of debt while I'm currently attending college now at UAH.

If your college doesn't offer the CoOperative education program, try getting a paid internship. This would be just like a CoOp job if you applied to a job related to your major and would probably pay just as well, also. The only caveat would be that it is harder to get into, as the college itself is not backing you up. But definitely ask companies around your area if they would be interested!

While I highly recommend these jobs, some people simply don't have enough time in their schedule... or don't WANT to take the time out of their schedule... to do them.

If that is the case for you, I would recommend trying your hand at what is called "affiliate marketing." This is where you signup to a site online that sells some product. This site gives you a webpage to promote that has their products on it. When you get a customer to buy something from this site, you get a part of the money generated from that sale! I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for college students to make money online.

So when you are searching for ways for college students to make money, consider taking one of these jobs. All of them will greatly help you in climbing over high college education costs!

Good luck!


Jobs For College Students Can Mean Financial Independence

There are many jobs for college students just waiting to be taken. There are some companies that give priority to college students even if the recession is still amongst us. So those who need extra cash in their pocket can make a little extra by taking on a job that is meant for them. College students should no longer rely on their parents to provide for everything that they need. Being able to get a job is already a must-have in today's harsh economy. Of course, it is always best to have a job that is related to your course so the skills that you will learn will help you once you finish college.

Most college students live away from home so they cannot actually rely on their parents for financial assistance as it may not come when they need it the most. If you have your own job, you will be able to prove how independent you are not only to your parents but also to yourself. You will find yourself having an improved relationship with your parents because you will not be asking them for money for every miscellaneous expense that you have. Besides, the information that you can place down on your resume will be priceless as employers know how hardworking you are and how you were able to manage your time while you were still in college. This will definitely be to your advantage.

So check out the different jobs for college students and start applying so you can take that first step to financial independence.

Medical Insurance For College Students - Where to Get Cheap Rates

Most college students think of themselves as invincible, but medical insurance for college students is important.

Even if you're young and in good health you can have an accident or develop an illness. Several options are available if you're a college student who needs cheap health care coverage.

Your Parents' Plan May Still be an Option

Many parents' insurance plans cover dependent children as long as they're full-time students. Other plans cover full-time students up to a certain age, usually age 22. Staying on a parental plan is generally the least expensive option.

If you decide to stay on your parents' plan you need to do some checking to see if their plan is an HMO or PPO. If so, you need to find out if any health care providers in your new town are part of their plan. If no health care providers are part of the plan's network, then private health insurance may be a better choice.

Check into a Student Health Plan

If your parents' plan is not an option, the next option is to find out if your school offers a student health plan. Most colleges and universities offer such plans at reasonable costs.

Shop Around for the Best Price

Another alternative for college students is to buy an individual health insurance policy. Such policies are available in several types:

* Full-coverage policies covering health, vision, and dental care

* Managed health care plans - HMOs and PPOs

* Short-term policies

* Major-medical policies

* High deductible policies

If you're healthy you may just need a major-medical policy that will cover only major accidents and illnesses. These policies are relatively inexpensive.

Buying an individual comprehensive policy can be expensive, but by shopping around and comparing policies, you can find great rates.

The key is to go online to an insurance comparison website and compare rates. These websites offer free quotes from A-rated companies, making it fast and easy to find a cheap policy.

Education Grants For College Students

Education grants for college students allow new and returning students the opportunity to seek and earn a professional degree that will make them more competitive in the job market. While more and more students are enrolling to obtain degrees or specialized certificates every year, students and parents are faced with a tough financial decision.

College is not cheap by any means. Every year the cost to go to college goes up at a 20% rate, which means today's students will find that their tuition has almost doubled by the time they complete their 4-year program. As tough as things already are, college may not be a realistic option for some.

But America cannot afford to let someone who is ambitions, intelligent and driven miss out on obtaining a college degree simply because they cannot afford it. That is why education grants for college students are made available to those who qualify.

Education grants for college students are different than your traditional student loan or scholarship program. These grants provide financial assistance by reducing your tuition, sending you a check to pay for housing, books and other expenses, or giving you a voucher for related education expenses. Best of all, these education grants for college student do not have to be paid back.

With these grant programs, current or perspective students do not have to worry about the financial pressures and can focus on their academics and achieving their goal. Once a student applies and qualifies for free grant money, they typically are automatically approved the following year. The biggest hurdle is simply getting accepted into these programs from the start, but once you do you could earn your degree and graduate debt free.

Easy Scholarships For College Students in 2010

Hundreds of thousands of students graduate from high school every year. These students graduate from high school, and they have no idea what they are going to do! There are many options that are available to them, but they never apply themselves in high school. By the time May rolls around, most students already have a plan, but some students don't know where to go. They do not know how they are going to pay for school. Fortunately, there are easy scholarships for college students in 2010 that are available now.

There is a common misconception among high school and even college students that you have to have a certain grade point average or have a certain SAT or ACT score to get financial aid for college. This is just simply not true! There are many ways you can pay for college without having to go to work at Wal-Mart or McDonalds! It is true that many grants are awarded to the best and brightest students, but you can still find money if you know where to look.

There are many easy scholarships for college students in 2010 that many people never apply for. Some scholarships are never awarded because there are only a few applicants. Your job is to be a detective and find those rare opportunities that are out there for the taking! You can get more money than other students who don't spend any time looking for free college money. I recommend you spend a lot of time looking for the best programs available so you can go to school and get the education you need! Do not be afraid to apply for contests! There are many contests that are funded by wealthy investors who want to help students get a college education. I encourage you to sign up for every program you can find. You have a better chance of getting more money for college if you apply for a lot of free college grants.

Good Study Habits For College Students

In this article you will learn some of the good study habits for college that students like you can take advantage of to get better grades, become a better student and succeed in every subject even if some of them are difficult for you. Being a college student should not be a daunting stage in your life instead by following good study habits you could make of college one of the best experiences in your life. Here are some good study habits for college students:

1. Attend Class. It is so easy for many students to miss class in college but do not let this happen to you. Skipping class could mean that you are missing key information for your next exam or a "surprise" test from your beloved teacher. Next time you think about missing class, think twice!

2. Take Notes. Taking notes is something you should be doing already, however you could make your notes even more fun to read and come back to if you use colors and high light what ever you think is most important. Plus, your notes could be a life saver because they help you remember what the professor said about a certain point.

3. Beat Procrastination. Procrastination is a mayor issue for most students not only in college but in school in general. It could keep you from giving it your all to school. The best cure for procrastination is to ignore it by not thinking what you are about to do. Just get up and do it now!

Preparing For Life With Credit Cards For College Students

One of the best ways to help prepare your young college student for the realities of life concerning finances is to educate them about the perils of personal finance, in particular the use of college student credit cards. Many companies offer them and they do come with a number of benefits. As recently as about 15 years ago, it was nearly impossible to get a credit card as a college student, but now the times have changed. Here are a few things to look for when you go to apply that will help you to get the best.

0% Interest

This feature allows your student to be able to make purchases and not owe any interest for an initial period up to 6 months. This time frame is pretty standard on credit cards for college students. After that time frame, the regular interest on the card comes into effect. Of course, every young person with a credit card also needs to know that by paying the monthly balance when it is due will bring most any card to 0% interest - on a continual basis.

Balance Transfers

Most college credit card companies assume that this is the first card that students have ever owned and will not offer a balance transfer option. While there are a few card issuers that offer this card feature, a balance transfer is an undoubtedly rare feature in a college credit card. If they do allow it, then it still would only apply for the 6-month introductory offer period.

Higher Interest

The credit cards for college students do normally have a higher interest rate than your general cards - about 16.99% up to 18.99% and beyond. So if the compound interest effect is demonstrated and emphasized to your student, it may help them to realize that they need to be fiscally responsible - or they will pay a steep price. Also, you need to know that it is more than likely that the introductory offer may be forfeited by just a single late payment.

Build Their Credit Rating

Many of the advertisements for college student credit cards emphasize that this is a good way for your student to build their credit. It is a good thing for them to understand too that how they treat this card will have a definite reflection on their credit ratings for the foreseeable future. So they may need some extra instruction on this, as well as knowing the importance of paying their bills on time. Many ads for these cards also point out that their card records may be accessed online and they can make payments electronically, yet another nice feature for internet-savvy students.


Here is one of the ways that the card starts to make it worthwhile. For each dollar spent, rewards or points are given that can be redeemed either as cash, or as a gift. The rewards on these rebate credit cards include such things as air miles, concert tickets, gift cards, studio tours, and up to 5% cash back on certain items - usually groceries, gas, and medicine, and then 1% on others. Some college student credit cards even give special rewards for keeping a good GPA!

Another Option

If you think that traditional credit cards for college students might be a little beyond your student's readiness to be responsible, then there is another way to go when they go off to college. The prepaid debit card can also give them the ease of plastic without having to carry any cash around, or in their dorm rooms. Amounts can be easily transferred to the card, and some cards even permit amounts to be transferred from one family member's card to another family member's card.

Getting your student off to college is a big step in their life - and yours. Getting the right college student credit cards can sure take a load off of your mind by knowing that they do not have to carry a lot of cash. They are also protected against any wrongful uses of the card, too. And best of all, your favorite student can learn to become fiscally responsible, with time, and get an even better card later on.

The Future For College Student Looks Very Gloomy

Why? Jobs are being outsourced to India, and plenty of college students who got their degree but are still working at coffee shops or minimum wage jobs ... some even took up stripping for living.

It's no secret that everyone is going to college en mass, including the dumb kid in high school who doesn't even like to learn. Since everyone got a college degree, you need to get a Master degree just to look different from the pack.

And guess what?

To simply put, the economy cannot afford so many office jobs because there are so many college kids out there -- somebody has to take out the trash and serve coffee, right?

But there are good news!

The future for college students does not have to be that gloomy because I am going to show you a couple tips to get a good job, and get out of debt ... and make some nice money on the Internet.

What you want to do is get out of debt as soon as possible. Because debt is slavery and you're a slave to the 9-to-5 grind. Everybody knows that, it's no secret.

The second way to protect yourself from being a "broke college student with massive debt" is to learn how to make Money on the Internet.

Because if you have a computer and Internet connection you can make money, there's no doubt about it.

And the best thing out is that if you do it right, most of your money but will be passive income.