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Ways For College Students To Make Money - Job Possibilities

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello fellow college student,

There's one thing in math that they DON'T teach you, yet most of us already know it. (College tuition + lab fees + room and board + food costs + costs of everyday living) > your budget. That equals debt. None of us like to think about it, but if we go too far into debt, it's going to hurt us when we are searching for homes or other expensive items after we graduate. So here are some of the best jobs that offer ways for college students to earn money.

If you live on campus, being a resident assistant is a great idea. A resident assistant keeps things in order in their resident building. They check the cleanliness of rooms, talk to students, work hours at the front desk, have social events, give out rules to residents, post announcements, and many other odd-and-end things. An RA usually gets FREE HOUSING as well as other benefits. This can cut out a major college bill.

If your college offers CoOperative Education, I HIGHLY recommend it! The CoOp program allows you to work full-time at a job on alternating school semesters. This job is in a field related to your major. So not only are you getting work experience in your field, but you also get to see if you like what you are majoring in. These jobs generally pay a nice hourly wage. CoOp is the thing that is keeping me out of debt while I'm currently attending college now at UAH.

If your college doesn't offer the CoOperative education program, try getting a paid internship. This would be just like a CoOp job if you applied to a job related to your major and would probably pay just as well, also. The only caveat would be that it is harder to get into, as the college itself is not backing you up. But definitely ask companies around your area if they would be interested!

While I highly recommend these jobs, some people simply don't have enough time in their schedule... or don't WANT to take the time out of their schedule... to do them.

If that is the case for you, I would recommend trying your hand at what is called "affiliate marketing." This is where you signup to a site online that sells some product. This site gives you a webpage to promote that has their products on it. When you get a customer to buy something from this site, you get a part of the money generated from that sale! I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for college students to make money online.

So when you are searching for ways for college students to make money, consider taking one of these jobs. All of them will greatly help you in climbing over high college education costs!

Good luck!